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So glade to say I've started to work at Weta Digital . Working in Weta always been a dream job for me and now is the time when dreams come true, sooner than what I'd expected. Wish me luck here.


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Hi, this is a WIP shot of my personal project currently Im working on in my spare times. Still working  on grooming and enhancing shader and textures. Any comment and critique would be appreciated.

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I had this chance to create a bespoke cover image and its step-by-step tutorial for 3D World magazine. Here I shed light on my hair and fur pipeline for creating a furry cute monster. Hope it be usfull for your creations. Cheers


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please click on the post title if images are cropped. some problem with this blog sorry.

here i want to shed some lights on my hair pipeline as i asked to do. btw i want to write a making of for this project includes shading and texturing too.
lets get started with a diagram and the concept behind the hairs behavior. i hope it's clear

now at the actual pipeline, groom a fibermesh on your model, when grooming just think about hair flow, no clumping here. add some flow variation to some fibers. variation always is the key.

export your fibermesh data as curves into maya. we want to use them as guide for combing and clumping.

let see our system at work. this is first set of hair combed and clumped to my fibermesh guides

second set are combed with guid curves and clumped to first set of hairs

and third set of hairs again combed with guide cerves and clumped to second hairs

finally adding flyaway crazy hairs and some randomization to combing and clumping weights. hairs width corrected too.

hope make sense. if there is something not clear please let me know. thanx and happy fibermeshing, cheers
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my old soldiers and its making of in Didgital Art Masters v8. open up a room for this in your library here

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I've just created my personal website and its blog. hope to create something good and share here. cheers
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